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Fresh, local & seasonal box delivery.

Enjoy Austen’s Veg Box Co. quality, fresh produce locally sourced from Kent farms and artisans in either a small, medium or large box. As well as the ability to swap items, you can also add items to your Never Want list, minimising environmental waste.

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Small, medium or large box

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Fruit, veg, artisans and more

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Recipes Seasonal recipes and fresh ideas

Are you running out of ideas? No need to fear; we provide you with plenty of inspiration with simple recipes to expand your cooking knowledge.

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Box What's in the box: December 20

This week’s produce is packed with flavour, warming recipes as we head into the period of seasonal greetings.

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New customers are entitled to 10% of their first box order. Click on the button below to apply ‘NEWBOX10’ to your basket.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions — Austen's Veg Box Co.

We often get asked similar questions regarding our veg box ordering process. Below is a list of the most common. Need help? Contact us directly.

How do I order a veg box subscription?

Very easily. If you simply navigate to the build veg box page you can follow through the pathway to select a box, add extras and enter additional details to then simply checkout.

Can I order a single product without a box?

Unfortunately, you cannot order a single item without a box subscription. If you would like to add single item that you find on the website to your existing or new subscription you can.

How regular are veg box deliveries?

Box deliveries are made every every week, between Tuesday to Saturday (11:00 - 18:00). Payments are made weekly via the payment method selected at checkout. You will be advised which date and time your box will be delivered.