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Our Story About Austen's Veg Box Co.

In October 2015, we started delivering our first fruit and veg boxes. We sell the same locally sourced produce in our award-winning farm shop; there was an apparent demand. Now, over three years later, we’re busier than ever delivering great-tasting boxes to the people of Medway through our veg box business Austen’s Premium Veg Box Co. Where to find our stores?

Recipes Our wonderful local farms and artisans offer more

Supporting local businesses is a core pillar of Austen’s. That said, the real reason we work with our producers is that they really are second to none.

#1 Seasonal variety

Variety 51 weeks of the year

#2 Local farms & artisans

Strong focus on local produce

#3 Always fresh

Prepared at our premises

#4 Flexible

Ability to swop unwanted items

Quality Eat Local, Live Better

Veg boxes have become a massive industry with over £160 million spent each year in the UK and for a good reason. The desire for good healthy farm produce has proliferated.

Increasing numbers have grown tired of tasteless and insipid supermarket fruit and vegetables, grown for price and shape rather than flavour. There’s something very pleasing about receiving a box full of fresh produce delivered to your door that the whole family can enjoy.

Some of the industry’s giants and leaders have grown astronomically. Bigger. This growth has, unfortunately, resulted in less focus on quality.

In some cases, companies are preparing up to 30k boxes per week, causing many issues. It is impossible to maintain quality with the sheer volume of scale and often results in receiving food that is several days old.

There are many smaller, more local veg box companies doing a fantastic job. We implore you to pay more consideration to buy locally. Below is a list of reasons why, at Austen’s, we outperform all big distributors.